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Business Networking

What is networking? Many think that business networking is all about getting up early and attending a breakfast meeting and to promote your business to others in the room. Quickly we can become disappointed when nobody is interested in our product or service straight away. Networking is much more than that, it’s about relationships. The […]

All about the money

What’s your motivator? What is at the back of your mind when you are making a decision, is it how well a product or service is going to work? May be it is based on your previous experience, often if we have had a bad experience we won’t purchase from particular suppliers. More likely in […]

What is LLU and why is it a bad idea!

Local-loop Unbundling Understand now? No, thought not. Simply put LLU is a system where large operators such as TalkTalk and Sky can assume responsibility for parts of the telephone line and broadband connection between your premises and the exchange. Why? The idea came from the regulator and was meant to open up the communications market meaning […]

Check before you move

If you are planning a move of home or office you may well want to consider checking what the internet speeds will be like before you get too attached. Don’t assume anything It’s all to easy to assume that everything will be fine, but if you are a heavy internet user for streaming TV & […]

Exclusively Yealink

Until this week we made available from our website a number of different manufacturers of phones to our customers to try and offer a good range of price and functionality. However I have now decided to change our policy to offer only Yealink phones with our systems. Reasons behind the decision Having attended a Yealink […]

Fixed Line vs VoIP

I’m often asked if it’s a good idea to move over to VoIP from a traditional fixed line product and unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer. There are a number of factors that need to be considered including the speed and reliability of your internet access, the number of simultaneous calls you are like to […]