Home Broadband


Home Broadband

Internet in the home is becoming increasingly important for everyone, whether it’s catching up on the latest episode of Broadchurch from the T.V. or Kids researching for homework. So many of our devices are connected to the outside world so a reliable connections is even higher on peoples checklist when looking for a property to buy or rent.

As a local ISP our focus is on reliability and service, but with our low cost line rental and call charges we often find we can still compete overall with some of the main national companies.

ADSL Standard24Mb2Mb£19.00 p/m
Fibre Basic40Mb2Mb£30.00 p/m
Fibre Standard40Mb10Mb£35.00 p/m
Fibre Advanced80Mb20Mb£45.00 p/m

Please note that speeds are maximum achievable, for a more accurate estimate use the speed checker below. Products are also subject to availability.