Exclusively Yealink

YEA-reseller-largeUntil this week we made available from our website a number of different manufacturers of phones to our customers to try and offer a good range of price and functionality. However I have now decided to change our policy to offer only Yealink phones with our systems.

Reasons behind the decision

Having attended a Yealink training session recently it became clear that the range of phones available are sufficient for varying budgets and functionality requirements. Having worked with some of the other brands available it is believed they offer the best value for money whether it’s a budget or executive handset. It is also thought it removes the Subway effect, whereby the customer has so much choice it is hard for them to make an informed decision.

Focusing on a single brand of phones helps us to provide the best support we can by not expecting our technicians to understand every handset of every brand inside and out.

Is the decision final

Whilst this decision has been made in the best interest of the clients and our website store has been changed to reflect this, we will continue to supply other brands at the customers request.

We continue to invest time and money in Research & Development and should we find the situation changes we will always ensure our customers receive best value for money, so this is far from a final decision but for now we believe it to be the right move.