Fixed Line vs VoIP

I’m often asked if it’s a good idea to move over to VoIP from a traditional fixed line product and unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered including the speed and reliability of your internet access, the number of simultaneous calls you are like to make and the affect of losing access to calls for even a short period of time to name but a few.

What are the advantages of VoIP

Cost Savings – VoIP (or more commonly referred to as SIP) channels tend to be cheaper than fixed lines per month as well as many providers offer free calls to other VoIP providers so you only pay for calls to fixed and mobile lines.

Scaleability – Once connected you can usually easily add capacity to make more simultaneous calls without requiring an engineer to attend and drill holes and run cables etc.

Flexibility – You can pick any geographical dialing code you like and not just what is available from your local exchange. It also means that if you move offices and happen to change exchange area codes it doesn’t matter.

What are the advantages of Fixed Lines

Reliability – Still based on the concept of two tins and a bit of string (albeit with a lot of technology in between), fixed lines don’t tend to go wrong as often compared to VoIP as VoIP has a number of factors affecting uptime .

Call Quality – Generally speaking you are guaranteed good call quality for the majority of the time unless there is a line fault causing noise, whereas VoIP is reliant on internet speeds, Quality of Service being implemented on the network and the network reliability of the VoIP provider.

Security – Cases of fixed lines being tampered with are vary rare now, unfortunately because VoIP using Network Packets and requires some sort of authentication between the customer and the provider it means VoIP is considerably more vulnerable to being hacked. The results of a breach on your VoIP connection can be massive bills that you remain liable for. There has been cases of people facing bills in excess of £30,000 because of poorly implemented security.

Do you need help deciding

If you still need help trying to decide which way to go we are happy to discuss your business requirements to ensure you get the best solution. The great thing about our Phone Systems is they are able to work with both fixed lines and VoIP.

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